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Coping and Enduring - Harnessing Our Creativity

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

When life is a challenge and there is a sense of being overwhelmed or distressed, one of the things that might help us to manage, is to express our feelings through our creativity. Many finding writing helpful: A journal, a poem, or perhaps just a sentence or two. When we experience emotional chaos, there is something cathartic in choosing the right words to pin those emotions down onto the page; to still them so that we may see them more clearly, and to allow us the space to breathe so that we can find the strength to really understand what they are saying to us. It brings the self-awareness that helps us to clearly understand where we are now, in the present. A starting point from which to find a clear way forward.

Of course, writing may not be our thing. We may not feel like being creative at all. And that's okay! Sometimes, it may be possible to take solace in the creativity of others: Watching someone dance, coming across a beautiful drawing or painting, listening to music, or finding a poem that really speaks to us.

Recently, I came across a poem that speaks to me:

with permission from the author

I want to share this poem as a message of comfort and hope for all those who have endured or who continue to endure. For me, this poem is a testimony to our capacity to learn, grow and evolve through our pain to a place of greater self-acceptance, empathy and love. Sometimes learning to negotiate our own difficult journeys helps us to light the way for others, so that they may also find a better path. I hope this poem speaks to you too.


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